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Plowing Contract Addendum
WWW.AAAQUICKPLOWS.COM 2013-2014 season
Contract and Procedures Summary
Plowing times:
Plowing starts when snowfall levels have reached 3 inches. We cannot be at every driveway at the same time. Our driver runs take between 3– 4 hours to complete, so every drive should be cleared in that time frame. Morning plows generally begin at 4 AM. If there is not 3 inches by 4:00 AM, plows will be slightly later. Afternoon plow times depend on snowfall levels, but we attempt to clear everyone before 6:00 PM. AAA Quick Plows & Lawns reserves the right of final determination of snowfall. Contract covers snowfall only, does not cover snow pushed onto driveway from roof, road, etc.
Ice Build-Up:
When plowing residential driveways, we usually have to pull the snow back from Garage doors, etc. This does not produce as close of a cut as when you can push snow forward. There is usually a small amount of snow left on the driveway. This is to be expected, and cannot be avoided. If it seems to build up, or turn to ice, we will do our best to push some forward, and then pull it back to eliminate this if possible. Some Ice build up may occur, with steep driveways needing occasional salting. Plows will not plow ice.
Lawn Repairs:
Plowing will occasionally cause a small amount of damage at edges of driveways where snow is pushed. We do our best to avoid this, but some is to be expected. All repairs to lawns, or other, will occur the week of April 15th. Lawn repairs made with Top-soil and Grass seed. AAA Quick Plows & lawns is not responsible for damages at driveways not marked before snowfalls.
AAA Quick Plows & Lawns is also not responsible for driveway damages on drives with crumbling pavement or in disrepair, nor gravel drives, or concrete/brick drives We will mark your drive for you for $8.00 to cover materials cost. No driveways will be marked before a paid contract is received.
What if I think my driveway needs plowing and you have not come?
We are probably already on the way. It takes a bit to get through our runs. Please be patient– calling will not speed things up. On days with Heavy snowfall, things may get backed up because of traffic, etc, but we will be coming back around on those days. If you have a problem getting in your driveway, either park it on the street, if safe, till we get there, or try and park on side of drive, so we can at least clear the other half.
Trash Day:
Please leave trash containers to the side of driveway where snow is NOT pushed. We do not have time to get out of the trucks to move them, so will do our best to plow around them if possible.
Payment Terms:
We offer several different payment terms for snow removal. You may either pay up front in full, by November 15th, or pay half by November 15th, with the remainder due Jan. 15th. We now also offer “per plow” pricing (details on contracts) Late payment will cause an interruption of service if not received by the 20th of January. Accounts put in collections will be responsible for collections fees.